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Fluid Mechanics MCQ : Previous Year's Questions With Answer

Q1: Pitot tube is used to measure : (ISRO 2016)
A: Discharge
B: Pressure
D:Static Pressure

Q2: For a floating body , if the metacenter lies below the center of gravity , the equilibrium is called
A: Stable
D:None of the above

Q3: The intel length of venturimeter is
A: Is equal to the outlet length
B: Is more than the outer length
C: Is less than the outlet length

Q4: The depth of flow at which specific energy is minimum is called
A: Normal depth
B: Critical Depth
C: Alternate depth
D: None of the above

Q5: A floating body is stable only when , ( SSC 2015)
A: M coincide with G
B: B is above G
C: M is below G
D: M is Above G

Q6: Differential manometers are used for measunring
A: Velocity at a point in a liquid
B: Pressure at a point in a fluid
C: Difference of pressure between two points
D: None of the above

Q7:Harbor model are based on the following law: ( SSC 2015)
A: Froude Law
B: Reylond's Law
C: Stoke's Law
D: Euler's Law

Q8:Capillary rise is the phenomena that is attributed to the following property of fluid : ( SSC 2014)
A: Viscosity
B: Density
C: Vapour pressure
D: Surface Tension 

Q9: The value of Cv for sharp edged orifice is generally : (SSC 2014)
A: 0.98
C: 0.97

Q10: The pressure of a liquid measured with the help of piezometer tube is: (ISRO 2016)
A: Vacuum pressure 
B: Atmospheric pressure 
C: Gauge pressure
D: Absolute pressure 

 Q11: A body floating in a liquid is said to be in a neutral equilibrium , if its metacenter ( ISRO 2016)
A: Coincide with its centre of gravity
B: Lies above its centre of gravity
C: Lies below Its centre of gravity 
D: Lies between the center of buoyancy and center of gravity

Q12: In open channel flow , the specific energy is the ( ISRO 2016)
A: Total energy per unit discharge 
B: Total energy measured with respect to the datum passing through the bottom of the channel 
C: Total energy measured above the horizontal datum
D: Kinetic energy plotted above the free surface of water

Q13:  A triangular notch is more accurate measuring device than a rectangular notch ( UJVNL 2015 (AE))
 A: For low flow rates 
(Answer description: A triangular notch gives more accurate results for low discharges than rectangular notch)
B: For medium flow rates
C:For high flow rates
D:For all flow rates

Q14: In a fluid flow , the line of constant peizometric head passes through two point which have the same
( UJVNL 2015 (AE))
A: Elevation
B: Velocity (Because:  according to burnoulli's equation the sum of peizometer head and velocity head remains constant  )
C: Pressure 
D:Velocity potential 

Soon we will upload All previous year's questions with answer of fluid mechanics and also all other civil engineering subjects  ( Included GATE previous years questions + IES + State level Engineering exams + SSC JE + ISRO + RRB  ETC )

All question with answer will be uploaded subject by subject , so that you all can analyze that , how many questions are asked by examiners in each paper. e.g. only 2-3 questions were asked in SSC JE 2015 by Fluid mechanics. So you can  prepare for your examination  according to that ..

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