Thursday, 6 April 2017

TOP 7 General Awareness Questions

1:  Which one among the following is the richest source of protein ?
A: Beetroot ( chukandar )

Ans: Soybean ( Having 16 gm protein out of 100 gm soybean )

2: India Accounts for which percent of the world's land surface area?
A:1.8 %

Ans: 2.4 %

3: In which country was paper currency first issued:  CHINA

4: When the first ALL INDIA POSTAGE STAMP issued: 1854

4: Who is called the Father of Indian Cinema :  Dada Saheb Phalke

5:Cartel is the part of : Oligopoly ( This is the ,most important Question i have seen in many exams)

6: The gas dissolved in water that makes it acidic is : Carbon Dioxide 

7: The most serious environmental effect posed by hazardous wastes is : Air Pollution
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