Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Top 8 Most Asked Surveying Questions

1: When the contours intermix i.e. unite at a place that place is known as:
A: Cliff ,    B: Over hanging cliff        C: Ridge              D: Valley

2: Two contours of different elevations do not cross each other except in case of a :
A: Cliff      B: Ridge         C: Overhanging Cliff         D: Valley 

3:The Limiting length of an Offset should be:
A: 5 m       B: 15m        C:30m     D: 50 m

4:In levelling the correction for curvature  ( in meters ) is equal to:
A: 0.00785 Square of D  ,    B: 0.0785 Square of D  , C: 0.0112 Square of D ,   D:0.0673 Square of D

Where D is distance from the level to the staff reading in meters

5: The vertical distance between two consecutive contours is called: Contour Interval 

6: Reduced level of apoint is its elevatiob with refernce to :Datum Level

7:The error which is not completely eliminated in reciprocal levelling : Error Due to Refractionn 

8: THE first reading from a level station is: Back Sight

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