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Application Of GPS In Civil Engineering

Application Of GPS In Civil Engineering



What is GPS?

The Term GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The GPS is used to locate a location
with the help of Latitude and Departure. with the help of GPS it's possible to locate a point
very precisely. GPS consist Of two main ends, the one is the Locating Sattelites and the other
 is the Receiver. Most of the people now a days are familier with GPS due to the huge use of
Smart Phones.
The Global Positioning System was first evoled for the Defence of Countries, and it's controlled
from the California. It was used for locating various places which are important from the
Defence point of view. Later on it was opened for public use. But the Same GPS System with
more Powerful receivers it can be used in the Civil Engineering Field.

How GPS Works ?

A point is located with the 18 sattelites which are orbiting around the Earth, 22,000 km above
the suface of the Earth, these sattelites are orbiting in 6 orbits, that means having 3 sattelites in
each orbit. And has a the capability to rotate a single time around Earth in 11 hours and 58
minutes. To locate a point two sattelite is requred, the more number of sattelites are in use the
more precision can be obtained.

Application In Civil Engineering

Most of the Companies uses manual procedure of Surveying (i.e. Levelling, Countouring,
Compass Surveying) to Prepare Countour Maps, Longitudinal Section Of Roads, Allignment
of Roads, Bridges etc. But many Broad Companies in India and abroad uses GPS to locate
different points, preparing Contour maps, giving Allignments of Roads, Bridges where the
 precision is very essential or it may ruine the whole project for a simple error in surveying,
on those places the survey work can be done with the help of Global Positioning System.


  1. It helps to survey with many times greater Precision.
  2. It helps to complete a Survey with lesser time and thus helps to cut down the 
  3. Completion Period.
  4. It Reduces the Difficulty of taking manual measurements to great extent.
  5. With GPS there is a very less chances of error.error only come due to the Instrument malfunction.


  1. The main Disadvantage is that, it requires high initial investments.
  2. To conduct such High End Survey works and to operate such Electronic Equipments much skilled persons are required.
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