Sunday, 16 December 2012

==>>Construction Management and Quality Control for Road Works==>>

==>>Construction Management and Quality Control for Road Works<<==


  Middle level rural road/road network planners, senior/mid level civil engineers and road engineer, road development project technical staff.

==>>Course Brief: 

This course is designed to enhance managerial and technical skills of the participants responsible for planning, managing and supervising road construction projects for more efficient, effective and high standard road construction works. It also focuses on up-to-date knowledge of quality standard and quality control issues of construction property as well as work processes in all construction phases that lead to better quality of road works.
Course content includes quality assurance in road works, contract management and inspection procedures, testing of construction materials such as concrete works, concrete aggregates, soil gradation, density and compaction, field compaction/density of subgrade, and asphalt material. The study visit and on-site study are  conducted to road construction sites with different level of development from excavation, forming embankment, compaction, pavement construction, etc., to observe the work processes and QC at each stage. Observe the construction equipment being used in construction, equipment of the field laboratory for quality evaluation, field density sampling and testing, asphalt pavement construction, etc.

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